Easy Steps To Create Stunning Diamond Paintings From Photos For Your Home Decor


Many people get very excited when they learn that it's possible to create their own Custom Diamond Painting using the treasures in their photo albums. Think of all the beloved family events filled with joy that you can now turn into custom diamond paintings to hang on your wall or to give as gifts!

Often people ask: What is the best way to create a customized diamond painting?" The answer is: the process is very simple, really. All you need is a photo in a digital form that you can send over to us either via email or using the Custom Photo service upload. You can always contact us if you're unsure how to use it. We've done it hundreds of times and we're sure we can help you!

Another question that arises quite often is: What pictures can I turn into diamond paintings? Well, everything really! We've seen the cutest baby pictures, funny pets playing with their owners, old friends gathering over a glass of wine... And of course countless of wedding photos. We didn't realise there's so many different kinds of weddings and couples! Love is what is the common theme in these pictures.

There's 3 simple steps in creating your own diamond:

Creating a custom diamond painting from your own photos is easy and fun! Follow these three simple steps:

1. Choose the photo you want to turn into a diamond painting. Make sure the person or object in the photo is close to the camera, and choose a photo that is in the desired format (horizontal, square, or portrait). You can always send the photo to us and we'll send you a preview to check within a few days.

2. Choose the size. Remember: bigger sizes allow for more details. Also, the orientation matters - is the picture in horizontal or portrait format? You can also choose between round and square diamonds. (Most people prefer square diamonds because they fill the canvas more fully, but round diamonds are a bit easier to handle.)

3. Order your customized diamond painting here, and soon you'll be ready to start creating your next masterpiece!

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